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Upcoming Events...

Come Play Bingo! Wednesdays, 7pm at Cowboy Jacks!

Support The Feeders and St. Cloud Rugby by playing Bingo on Wednesdays at 7pm at Cowboy Jacks!

Amanda Dufour Benifit - Sat, Dec 3rd, 3pm to Close

Pre-buy your Ticket's here for the Amanda Dufour Benifit Dinner on Saturday December 3rd.  Click on the below flyers for more info.  You can prebuy your tickets to dinner by using the form below the flyers...

Choose your ticket option, fill in your name, and click "Add to Cart" to pre-buy your tickets thru Paypal.

Ticket Options
Name of Attendees
St. Cloud and McCann's brings you Bingo!!!

Come down to McCann's on Wednesday, November 30th at 6.30 for Bingo organized by St. Cloud Rugby! There will be cash prizes up to $500 as well as wing specials! Support our sponsors and St. Cloud Rugby by getting as many people there as possible.

Last call for people looking to run for club Pres and Vice President

Reminder about our mandatory team meeting/elections this coming Saturday @ Noon @ McCann's.  Make sure you get there.  We will be taking absentee votes for those who have valid excuses for missing it.

We will not be nominating people for positions this year.  IF YOU WANT TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT OR VICE PRESIDENT YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW ASAP.  Otherwise your name will not appear on the ballot.  Note - All other positions are appointed by the president and vice president.  If you are interested in any of the below positions we can address that after the vote on Saturday.  I (Chip) will be running as moderator.  Each candidate will be given a chance to talk and answer questions from Members.  Members will be given a chance to speak on the behalf of a candidate if they so desire.

Note - Current Members (with dues paid), Wall of Honor, and Founding Members are eligible to vote.

Below is the list of people who have expressed an interest.

President (elected):

  • Frogger
  • Space Ghost
Vice President (elected):
  • Trevor Zwack
  • Justin Slayton
Appointed Positions:
  • Secretary
  • Match Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Recruiting Officer
  • Sponsorship Officer
  • Pitch Master
  • ????? - As needed by Elected Officers
Annual Rugby Formal and Awards Banquet, Sat Dec 10th - RSVP ASAP

Who: We call on all current, past, and prospective players of the Feeders or Sirens to attend. Friends, Family, and Fans are also welcome.

When: December 10th, 2011. Starts at 6pm. See below for scheduled events...

Where: McCann's on 33rd & 3rd

Why: Because the season is over and we need a reason to drink beer and revel at our own glory. Awards, debauchery, and other fun things.


The cost for the evening is $25 per person. $45 per couple. Dates are mandatory but for those who don't feel like subjecting their significant other to the druken group of hooligans that we call St. Cloud Rugby or are still on the hunt for someone special, the rare exception to come stag (or stagette) will be acceptable.

WE ARE ASKING YOU PAY IN ADVANCE! Due to weather some years and people not showing up on others we are asking that you pay in advance. We typically lose money on this event and have decided to try and mitigate that this year. You can get your money over to Farmer or one of the other officers. A good time to pay would be at the team meetinng on December 3rd.

Dinner is included. You have the choice of Chicken... or Chicken (just kidding). We are still working out the details on that and will fill you in as soon as the menu is set. Your ticket will also include some of the finest Pabst Blue Ribbon we can afford.

Dress attire is formal. For the guys this means button up shirts (with sleeves) and slacks at a minimum. If you want go out and rent a tux that is fine. I will be wearing a suit and tie. For the ladies, nothing to say here, you already have the common sense to know what formal means (unlike the guys).

We will also be voting for awards. For the Feeders this includes Back MVP, Forward MVP, Team MVP, The Bottom Feeder Award, Rookie of The Year, and the covet Most Improved. I will be voting for Ginger. I am not 100% what the Siren's will have for awards but I am sure there will be some.

Wall of Honor inductee?? - We will be meeting in the next couple weeks to see if we have anyone that we would like to add to wall.

WE will be seperating out the Serious Awards from the gag awards this year. For those who would like to participate we will be conducting Kangaroo Court after all the serious stuff is done. Maybe we will take it into the back bar area. Hilarity to ensue. If you want to get involved let Ginger know.

After all the organized stuff is done I am sure there will be dancing and all sorts of good stuff. I have been told that the Juke Box has and iPod hookup, so bring some music or you can pick off what is available...

Schedule of Events

6pm to 7pm - Social Hour

7pm to 8pm - Dinner is served

8pm to 9ish - Formal Awards

9pm to .... - Kangaroo Court

... to Bar close - Beer


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